Gonzaga Senior Design Projects + Amend Health

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Amend Health is excited to announce its support of the Gonzaga University Senior Design Project in Computer Science. Through this support students will have the opportunity to explore challenges in rural and urban underserved healthcare, and to help create solutions that will positively impact the health of patients not just in Eastern Washington, but across the country.

The Senior Design Project allows students to bring together their university experiences in a real world, collaborative work environment. With the support of Amend Health team members and input from local and regional health care innovators, students will experience the journey of product development from concept to delivery.

By working with community partners such as Gonzaga University, Amend Health is creating new career opportunities in the rapidly expanding digital health and healthcare sector. With partnerships across the country, Amend Health is looking to be the launch pad of innovative ideas for the future of medicine.

About Gonzaga University Senior Design Projects

Through the Center for Engineering Design & Entrepreneurship, Gonzaga seniors are challenged to solve real-world problems. During the academic year, they work with faculty advisors and industry professionals to practice and develop the skills needed for successful careers.
A project team typically consists of three to five students having a diversity of knowledge and experience that best suits the project. Together they make effective use of their available resources to perform and manage the project activities.

By working on a real engineering or computer science problem, each student has the opportunity to make decisions as part of a team and to interact with professionals in the sponsoring organizations, such as Amend Health. Gonzaga computer science or engineering faculty, who advise the student teams, are ideally suited as advisors. A faculty advisor lends knowledge and experience to the project team by guiding and counseling the students in the technical and managerial decisions required by the project.

Student teams are also guided by a dedicated group of volunteers from the engineering community who lend their expertise to our students and our program by reviewing our student’s presentations and reports. These volunteers make up the Design Advisory Board.

During the 2021-2022 academic year, the Center for Engineering Design & Entrepreneurship is proud to support a total of 47 teams which consist of teams in computer science, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, engineering management, and mechanical engineering.

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