Amend Health Co-Founder Talks Innovation with Local Startup S2 Media

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On September 9th, Amend Health Co-Founder Marcelo Morales sat down with the founders of S2 Media, a Spokane Valley, WA based startup that focuses on prepared culture media. As part of the 2021 Life Science Washington – East West Life Sciences Summit, this panel discussion focused on the challenges, trials, and successes of young, growing startup.

About S2 Media

S2 Media is a certified woman owned and operated company located in Spokane Valley, WA. We manufacture affordable, high quality, culture media plates. We adhere to cGMP regulations and our products comply with many standards including CLSI M22 and USP-NF for commercially prepared microbiological culture media.

About the 2021 Life Science Washington – East West Summit

The East West Life Science Summit is an annual conference meant to foster and strengthen the vibrant life science organizations, healthcare providers, and public institutions throughout Washington State. The goal of the summit is to elevate the visibility of life science research, discovery, entrepreneurship, and innovation throughout the state and foster cross-state collaboration through information sharing and networking opportunities.

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