​It takes a village to amend today’s healthcare.

amend health

We are connectors and problem solvers.

We build affiliate networks of critical access

By targeting large geographies we are able to leverage an economy of scale; the challenges faced in one community usually mirror those of another. The solutions we provide are able to rapidly scale across multiple affiliate partners.

What We Do

For Hospitals

While major health systems have dedicated teams to addressing their innovation and technology needs, many small to midsize hospitals do not….

For Innovators

Access to paid pilots and projects in the health technology sector is incredibly difficult. We provide access to well defined challenges, funding, and rapid…..

For Investors

We provide access to innovative startups that have an established, paid customer pipeline. They also have been vetted by us for their business and technology …..

We are connectors and problem solvers, identifying the needs of both critical access and large system healthcare.