How We Work

Our Process

  • Following a high-level process to work with our affiliate partners helps identify an appropriate solution for each community, be it an existing technology, a newly created solution, or a hybrid approach.

  • With a variety of stakeholders we deploy, validate, and scale relevant solutions to quickly meet the needs of our affiliate partners. As needed, we introduce a variety of funding sources and opportunities to help with every phase of the project.

  • Our goal is a jointly beneficial partnership that address pressing health challenges quickly and effectively with each of our many affiliate partners.

Expanded Requirements Gathering

Work with key stakeholders to review, refine, and further explore challenges and needs for the project. Based on these conversations a more targeted list of requirements will be created jointly.

Creation of acceptance criteria

With an agreed upon list of requirements, a set of acceptance criteria for the project will be created. This acceptance criteria will be used in conjunction with other tools provided by Amend Health to identify existing solutions that meet the project’s needs, inform the creation of a new solution, or support a hybrid of both approaches.

Sourcing of Solutions and Partners

Based on the Requirements and Acceptance Criteria, Amend Health identifies and reviews a wide range of solutions, partners, and technologies to find a focused solution to the project needs. This might lead to the introduction of an existing solution(s), the creation of an entirely new solution, or a hybrid approach.

Before any solution is presented, Amend Health extensively reviews the proposed partners to validate their technology, business model, and a variety of other factors are acceptable to the project needs.

Stakeholder Introductions and Deployment Planning

Stakeholders from all relevant parties convene to review the proposed solution, and if objectives align, propose an initial deployment strategy. The deployment strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • PHI/HIPAA and other privacy / regulatory considerations
  • IT / EMR / EHR integrations and activities
  • Solution technology considerations
  • Funding / investment / partnership possibilities

Deployment, Validation, Scale Up

With a deployment strategy in place, the agreed upon solution is deployed in a joint effort by all parties. The solution is validated and adjusted / pivoted as needed. If applicable the solution is scaled up with other potential partners collaborating in the project.