Cybersecurity Innovator Drip7 Partners with Amend Health

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Cybersecurity is essential for you, your employees, and your entire organization. With this in mind, Amend Health is excited to welcome Drip7 as it newest Innovation Partner.

Drip7 provides portable, snackable, and powerful training in cybersecurity and compliance to encourage engagement and skills development rather than annual, easily forgotten, “old school” training. The Drip7 training plaftform includes General Cyber Knowledge, General Privacy, Passwords, Phishing & Social Engineering, Physical Security & WIFI, Ransomware, and Secure Home-Office, and more. Their compliance areas include HIPPA and PCI.

Amend Health works with Drip7 to help bring cybersecurity and compliance training to our affiliate network via the simple to use Drip7 platform.

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