Olive signs partnership agreement with Amend Health

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Olive signs partnership agreement with Amend Health to accelerate the introduction of digital health solutions through the Olive Helps platform.

USA; June 15, 2021Olive and Amend Health signed a partnership agreement as of April 2021 whereby Amend Health will work with innovators and health tech solutions designers that can integrate their solutions into the Olive Helps platform. Amend Health will identify, select and integrate innovations that enhance patient care, improve practitioner workflow optimization and support hospital cost reduction initiatives.

The emergence of digital health solutions requires a methodological and critical approach to identification, selection and implementation to find those innovations that bring meaningful ROI to hospitals and practitioners. Olive Helps was launched with the vision of providing a desktop application that gives healthcare workers the information they need – right when they need it – using cybernetic Loops. These Loops are built by health tech partners and Olive with the goal to pool the intelligence of the healthcare industry into this platform. Amend Health exists to work with health tech entrepreneurs in identifying critical solutions to healthcare delivery issues, that have short term positive impact, are favorably reimbursed and can be integrated into existing health care infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

“Amend Health works with innovators across disciplines, enhancing their funding strategies and technology innovation roadmap, to bring real and targeted solutions to healthcare. We look forward to collaborating with Olive as we introduce our partner companies to the Olive Helps platform” said Marcelo Morales, Co-founder of Amend Health.

“Olive Helps is healthcare’s first digital sidekick – one that supercharges workers by giving them superhuman powers in the form of real time intelligence. Strategic partners like Amend Health are key to the success of Olive’s new platform by bringing together connections across the health tech community” said Mike Biselli, VP of Partnerships at Olive.

About Olive
Olive’s AI workforce is built to fix our broken healthcare system by addressing healthcare’s most burdensome issues — delivering hospitals and health systems and payers increased revenue, reduced costs, and increased capacity. People feel lost in the system today and healthcare employees are essentially working in the dark due to outdated technology that creates a lack of shared knowledge and siloed data. Olive is designed to drive connections, shining a new light on the broken healthcare processes that stand between providers delivering patient care and payers. She uses AI to reveal life-changing insights that make healthcare more efficient, affordable and effective. Olive’s vision is to unleash a trillion dollars of hidden potential within healthcare by connecting its disconnected systems. Olive is improving healthcare operations today, so everyone can benefit from a healthier industry tomorrow.

About Amend Health
It Takes A Village To Amend Today’s Healthcare. Based in Spokane, WA, Amend Health works with health tech entrepreneurs, funders and health care delivery partners to identify targeted, meaningful innovations to support patient delivery, health care efficiency and revenue enhancement solutions.

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