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BurstIQ is a first-of-its-kind data management platform that builds multi-dimensional profiles of people, places and things, and enables the connections between them. It allows data to be securely owned, shared, and trusted across a global data exchange network, driving deeper insights and more meaningful collaborations in health. Amend Health works with BurstIQ to provide Amend Health partner companies and affiliates access to a highly scalable, purpose built blockchain platform for patient managed health data.

Cambia Grove

Cambia Grove brings together communities of changemakers to transform the health care system. Amend Health is proud to be a supporting organization of the Cambia Grove Impactful Innovation Exchange, a comprehensive platform where changemakers can search for emerging and/or proven innovations to solve healthcare problems. Through this partnership, Cambia Grove and Amend Health seek to positively impact at least one component of the triple aim (population health, experience of care, per capita cost).


With over 1,000 facilities, 5,400 video endpoints and 90,000 encounters a month, the Cloudbreak Health telemedicine network is optimized for telemedicine in all geographies including rural and limited connectivity environments. Amend Health partners with Cloudbreak to provide Amend Health partner companies and affiliates an established and optimized suite of telemedicine and other remote care tools to build upon for their unique solutions.


Cybersecurity is essential for you, your employees, and your entire organization. Drip7 provides portable, snackable, and powerful training in cybersecurity and compliance to encourage engagement and skills development rather than annual, easily forgotten, “old school” training. Amend Health works with Drip7 to help bring cybersecurity and compliance training to our affiliate network via the simple to use Drip7 platform.


From Risk Assessments, to Policies, to BAAs, Medcurity provides a wide range of streamlined and easy to use HIPAA compliance solutions. Protect your organization and your patients’ information. With Medcurity, you can build or complement your HIPAA Privacy and Security program with the most intuitive tools and helpful guidance available. As a partner with Amend Health, Medcurity works to deliver optimized solutions for the Amend Health affiliate partner network.

Grief Coach

Grief Coach makes it easy for hospices, tissue donation processing organizations, funeral homes, employers, non-profit organizations, hospitals, organ procurement organizations, and others to deliver personalized, ongoing grief support. Amend Health works with the Grief Coach platform to provide access to consistent, thoughtful bereavement care via SMS throughout the Amend Health affiliate network.


Olive’s AI workforce is built to fix our broken healthcare system by addressing healthcare’s most burdensome issues — delivering hospitals and health systems and payers increased revenue, reduced costs, and increased capacity. Amend Health works with innovators and health tech solutions designers that can integrate their solutions into the Olive Helps platform. Amend Health identifies, selects and integrates innovations that enhance patient care, improve practitioner workflow optimization and support hospital cost reduction initiatives.

Welcome Home Health

Welcome Home Health provides patients and their caregivers an easy, reliable way to stay in touch with their health care community 24/7. Welcome Home Health offers an in-home care experience to assist patients in adhering to care management plans. As a partner with Amend Health, Welcome Home Health has developed solutions that align to the specific needs of the Amend Health affiliate partner network.