BurstIQ Brings Healthcare Blockchain to Amend Health

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Storing, sharing and securing patient data is one of the most complex challenges in healthcare today. Blockchain technology is positioned to be a disruptive and powerful tool is this rapidly evolving field. Recognizing the power of blockchain, Amend Health has partnered with BurstIQ to bring an easy to use, scalable, and secure solution to its Affiliate Network.

BurstIQ is a first-of-its-kind data management platform that builds multi-dimensional profiles of people, places and things, and enables the connections between them. It allows data to be securely owned, shared, and trusted across a global data exchange network, driving deeper insights and more meaningful collaborations in health.

Amend Health works with BurstIQ to provide Amend Health partner companies and affiliates access to a highly scalable, purpose built blockchain platform for patient managed health data.

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